Living in Clarenhye District is miserable for anyone living under the age of adulthood. Especially for Naila Bausten who becomes subject to the malicious plans of the most notorious scientist in the district. After a horrific tragedy, Naila is left with two choices: survive in the Woodlands like a criminal or go to the Heap where unwanted children go to suffer for the greater good.

Her choice leads her to a strange world of confusion, insecurity, demons, and a menacing voice in her head that demands to feed on humans and monsters alike. Naila’s mind is toyed with on the other side of her reality, bent to another’s whim! All the while, she tries to survive and save the people she loves most. But every decision Naila makes comes with unpredictable and dark consequences, making it easier for a certain demon God’s return.

*** Apotheosis: Sacrifices is currently being designed for publishing.


Citizens of Sylvia, Clarenhye, and Harbor will never be the same now that Sofia’s device, Apotheosis, has gotten into other devious hands. But that’s the least of their worries as Amog Bokahle sets on her quest to rule her own empire once more and command an army that will slaughter the innocent for her. Interlopers try to delay Amog’s plans, but even if she has to burn the world to the ground to stay true to the deal she made with Naila, everyone will suffer. Except, this time, it will not be easy.

Demon gods, brainwashed superhumans, a woman scorned, a beacon of darkness, and much more are what Amog is up against–and she wouldn’t have it any other way. This demon god relishes a good fight and will fight to the death to get what she claims to deserve. However, nothing comes before the orders given by her lord, Satan, who requires a hefty price for any god he created to walk amongst human creatures.

When it’s settled, only one will be named victor and will rewrite the new world as they see fit.

***Apotheosis: Worlds Collide is currently being written.


The voices in Karlisha Tapfer’s head won’t stop talking. Every day she begs for peace, yet they incessantly torment her with their screaming and whining, and there are so many of them speaking at once–it drives her crazy. Sometimes she can barely understand what they’re saying. The voices make her do things… regrettable things. Karlisha just wants to get rid of them. She will do anything to rip them out of her mind; even sign paperwork to let the devil herself try to fix the problem.

But in this so called cure to end Karlisha’s mental illness, there’s a world where everything she touches dies and a madman who will do anything to obtain that power.

A galactic journey centered on a time that doesn’t exist, but comes with grave consequences if Karlisha doesn’t overcome her doubts and fears and conquer the raging beast invading her body. She has a lot to apologize for, so to find her purpose in life she will have to first solve the complexities of her Apotheosis.

***Apotheosis: Perennial Darkness is next in line to be written in this series.


The battle arises again. Two powerful adversaries: one of fire and hatred, the other awakened by a new light. The world has changed more than anyone knew and there’s a plethora of it to explore. Who will get to it first? And will these new species and lands welcome them with open arms?

Betrayal and murder, bravery and hope are what fuels this journey for heroes and villains. As another calamity arises, the only trident of hope to defeating the vicious demon God, Amog Bokahle, maybe the one mechanism that collapsed the Old World.

In this wicked tale of disastrous circumstances, one valiant being must risk it all to keep the world from reverting back to fire and darkness.

***Apotheosis is still in the outline phase.


The origin of mermaids has always been a mystery. Simone, a lover of the sea and nautical life, is fascinated by the mythical beings. Her father used to tell her countless stories about various creatures in the depths of the sea, but he never once mentioned mermaids. She made it her duty to read about them on her own. Some stories were gruesome and others were lighthearted, but none of them prepared her for what’s in store.

Out in the distant sea, lives a legend and his ship and loyal crew. Captain Ephram will do whatever it takes to achieve immortality and wealth, but when a woman who claims to have heard of him finds herself in his prison, his true nature becomes clear.

Two worlds come together in this gruesome story and both are changed forever.

***Witches of the Sea is currently being written.


What lies beyond going to school then coming home to emptiness?

Darrin has always wanted a younger brother; someone he could chase around and play video games with, a person to talk to in his lonely days. He doesn’t have friends and his parents are distant due to their busy lives. One day, a miracle happens and Darrin makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. After time of wallowing in his depression, his mistake becomes the harbinger of climatic change.

There is a true evil shrouded by innocence, and a coward too naïve to see it. And when the wickedness come to light, no one will believe their eyes. For the world corrupter is sure of it and will smite those deserving for being unkind and disobedient. Everyone is a toy, anything can bend and break, all humans are afraid of something, and nothing will get in the way of this child’s happiness.

***God of the Universe is currently being written.


***Megaera: The Blood God is under heavy construction.